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Mission Statement

Provide Deaf and Hard of Hearing students K-college with a nationwide educational resource that takes advantage of emerging technology to fuse academic ASL with English to raise literacy and improve scholastic comprehension.



Caryl Williams CI/CT Visionary

 B.S. Interpreting/MA Technology in Education


      Laurel Menicucci NIC 

             B.S. Interpreting

     Caryl had the vision to create an accessible educational resource that would explain academic materials using both Academic ASL and printed English in a manner that brings the family back into the equation.

   Intern for OneCreative for two summers. Educational/community interpreter for 4 years. Video/DVD editor for UNM Signed Language Interpreting Program for one year.

Deborah McKerrow EIPA / NIC
  Resource Admin

 B.S. College of Education


Dan McKerrow


       B.A. Radio & TV Production

         Graduate of the University of Maryland, College of Education BS degree. Teacher for ten years. Educational/community interpreter for 16 years in Washington, DC and NM.

   Television Engineer for 26 years/ Manager & Chief Engineer of American Red Cross Television Production/ Expertise with digitizing video content for public and corporate Web sites.


   Jamie Farquar
   ASL Master

    1986 graduate     CSD/Fremont 


   "Abbi" Sanchez    Spanish Translations

B.S. Interpreting


      Studied TV and Photography at Gallaudet University and is currently preparing for CDI exams.

       Native Spanish speaker; Bilingual substitute teacher for seven years. Recent graduate of UNM Signed Language Interpreting Program. Pursuing further studies in trilingual interpreting with a concentration in education.





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