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Thank you to everyone who made this website possible:


Curriculum Development

Joe Vertrees, Jason Krosinsky, Caryl Williams, Deb McKerrow, Michelle Trujillo, Angela Littleton, Jennie McDonough, Celia Klaus

Deaf Role Models

Jamie Farquar, Scott Vollmar, Stephanie Soto, Joey Soto, Diego Gonzales, Josh Staley, Rachel Naiman


Dan McKerrow, Laurel Menicucci


Sal Sedano, David Williams, Matthew Williams, Dan McKerrow, Jay Fields, Caryl Williams, Laurel Menicucci, Matt Donovan (Spanish), Abbi Sanchez (Spanish)


Educational Collaborators K-College

We are seeking Educational Collaborators to aid in the creation of video podcasts/tutorials. If you are a teacher, we can produce tutorials that your students can access when reviewing.

Schools, Departments, Individual Educators, Interpreters, Deaf

Design Lesson / Sign Lesson /Spanish Translation

CNM nmsd



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